2015 Federal Election Results

(Photo: Mark Blinch, Reuters. )

For one of our articles we needed to analyse election results from the 2015 Canadian Federal Election. Since we found Election Canada’s data inconvenient, as it was organized vertically, not horizontally, we reformatted the data horizontally to make our own spreadsheet.

Feel free to make use of this spreadsheet for your perusal (although I cannot ultimately confirm this spreadsheet is accurate, please report any errors/mistakes to theribboneditor@gmail.com. Thanks!).

Colours of Elxn42

Out of genuine curiosity, using Colorhexa.com and some research into official parties colours, we found if all of the official Canadian political parties (yes, even the obscure ones) had their party colours mixed with one another in proportion to their electoral support in the 2015 Federal Election (39.47% #D71920 + 31.91% #1A4782 etc.), the result is an elegant, faded bordeaux. Its hexcode is #924548.

Admittedly we expected a revolting brown…

By Popular Vote – #924548


By Seat Count – #9e3742